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Frequently Asked Questions on our App
Getting Started
How do I record a track?

To start recording a track, simply press the New Recording button, press the plus button and the recording starts.

How do I stop recording?

To stop the recording, simply press the stop button. The track will be saved in your Track list, which you can access in the Main Menu under My Tracks.

How do I resume recording?

If you wish to resume an existing recording of a track, press the Resume Button in the Track Recording menu.

What is a track point?

Navigating through points
How do i list all tracks?

You can find all your tracks in the “Track List” menu. To open the track list, just tap the button in the upper right corner. You can filter the tracks by criteria like My Tracks, Favorites, Import, Shared.

Point Types
What types of points supports TMT?

What is a favorite point?

A favorite point is any point on the track that was either favorited while the track was active, or was marked favorite after the track recording finished. Any point on the track can become favorite after an image, video, voice memo, tag, description or an address was added to it and can be un-favorited if all point details are erased. A favorite point will be star-shaped and will take the colors and the attributes of the point it previously was.

Could i put the point displaying option off?
What information can I add to a point?

Track point statistics
showing the point information

In order to see the stationary point statistics (Arrival time, Departure time, Time from start, Distance from start, Altitude and Height change since start), you need to select a stationary point first. On the bottom of the screen, the three statistics panels will show up in darker blue.


Track Point Editing
How to make a point favorite?


If, while recording a track, you suddenly find a great spot that you want to immediately mark as a favorite, tap the “Mark as Favorite” icon in the lower right corner of the map, which is marked with a symbol made of a star. This will mark the current point as a favorite. In case you have marked a previous point, this point will be marked as a favorite.

How to add a photo or video to a point?

In order to add a photo to a point, tap on the point on the map that you need to attach the photo to and choose the Add Photo icon from the row of point information icons. A pop-up menu will allow you to either Take a photo or Add photos from library. As soon as you have taken a photo or added one or more from the library, it/they will show up in the photo field in the point details.


Adding a video is similar to adding a photo, the only real difference is how the video is associated with the track points after the video is added. Since videos are not instant, TraceMyTrack will try to associate your video with multiple locations depending on the video duration, but it will always follow some simple rules:

– if you capture a new video or add a video which was recorded at the same time as the selected point, the video will be associated with the selected point and all next points which were captured during the duration of the video. TraceMyTrack will highlight this track line section for you, and also mark the video beginning and end point with a special icon.

– if you add a video which was not recorded at the same time as the selcted point, the video will only be associated with the selected point.

If you wish to delete a photo or a video from a point, you need to first select the targeted point on the map/track. The point details will appear in the lower half or the screen. Long press on the photo/video you wish to delete. An x button will show up in the lower right corner of the photo/video. Tap on the x button and the photo/video will be deleted.

The only difference between deleting a video and deleting a photo is that when you delete a video, the video will also be deleted from the rest of the points in the current track which may contain this video.

How to add a tag to a photo?


If you want to add tags to a point, first you need to select the targeted point. Choose the Add Tags icon from the row of point information icons. A pop-up list of tags will show up and you may choose, one by one, the tags that you are interested in. If you wish to add a new tag, tap on the + button at the top right corner of the pop-up window and type in the new tag within the pop-up New Tag window.

If you wish to delete tags from a point, whether you are in the preview or the full-view edit point mode, hold a long tap on the tag field and an x button will show up in the top right corner of each tag. Delete the targeted tags and exit the edit state by tapping on the tick icon on the left side of the field.

How to add a description to a point



If you want to add description to a point, first you need to select the targeted point. If you are in the preview mode, by tapping on the Add description icon in the edit point icons at the top of the edit point details, you trigger a pop-up window that allows you to type in the desired description. Tap Ok and the description will appear in the description field of the edit point details. In the full-view mode, you can add a description by typing it directly in the Add description field.

If you wish to delete description from a point, whether you are in the preview or the full-view edit point mode, hold a long tap on the description field and an x button will show up in the lower right corner of the field. By tapping on the x button, the description will be completely erased.

How do I delete a point?

To delete a point, select the point and then tap the scissors icon on the right to display various point editing options. Select Delete to delete the track.

Track Overview Pane
Where can i look at the track statistics?

The main screen of the app will display by default the first two statistics panel for each track. If you wish to see more statistics, toggle down more statistics panels by tapping on the lower panel on the screen.

Important Locations Tab
What are important points?

The tab “Important points” shows all points where you have stayed longer and all points with a favorite.

Timeline Tab
What shows the timeline?

Timeline displays altitude/speed and other data over time.
To open or close the Timeline & Graph, tap on top, on the symbol or the track name.
Timeline & Graph is a great tool to visualize and analyze tracks or sections of a track.

Inspecting a part of the track
Track Management
How to delete a track?
How to filter the list?

F.e.if you want to view all your imported tracks you will need to open your “track list” from the top right corner of the main screen. Then tap on the “imported tracks” tab.

What is a subtrack?

A track can consist of several subtracks. A subtrack corresponds to a continuous recording without interruptions. Each subtrack has its own overview and can be viewed separately.

How to create a subtrack

By continuing a track after a stop, a new subtrack is created. In the track list, the subtrack can be expanded and be viewed separately by selection. A subtrack can also be created by splitting a point, in which case the track or subtrack is divided into two subtracks. To do this, select the point where you want to split, then tap the “Scissors” icon and select Split from the menu. After that you can choose if the selected point should belong to the previous or to the next track. With “Split” the division takes place.

How to delete a subtrack?

A subtrack can be deleted from the track menu. To do this, expand the track and press and hold the relevant subtrack until the action buttons appear. Then move the delete button without lifting your finger and lift your finger.

Storycard/Social Media
What is the Storycard?






A storycard consists of one, or more images of the track, the map section and several statistical data points. You can easily and quickly create them yourself.

How do i create a storycard and share it?

Go to the Main Menu and tap the Share Track as Story Map option. Follow the steps in the Share Story section and add the address, statistics and map format you want to share. Choose the way you want to share your map by tapping the Share Story Card button.

How do i export a track?

Exporting and importing a track is only possible if you have upgraded to TraceMyTrack PRO . Go to Main Menu and select the option Export track. Choose from the pop-over window the format option TraceMyTrack. A mailing window will appear and you can add the email address in the first field. The track is attached to the email and you can send it to your friends.

What Data formats are supported?

Besides .gpx, .kml, .kmz, .csv export and import formats, one new format is available: TraceMyTrack. It was specifically created for users of TraceMyTrack to be able to export tracks and import them on to another iOS device. Tracks can therefore be shared with anybody who has an iOS device and TraceMyTrack PRO installed on it.

How can i import tracks?

When someone sends you an exported track, you can import it to your device by tapping on the attachment icon and by choosing the TraceMyTrack app icon from the app selection window. TraceMyTrack app will open and a dialogue window will ask you if you want to import the track and will also give you the name of the track that you are about to import. You can choose to import it or to cancel the action. Once the track has been imported, you can find it in your Track list, under “Imported Tracks”.

How can i save battery?

Sie müssen lediglich eines der Batterieprofile auswählen, das für Sie am bequemsten ist. Tippen Sie auf die Menütaste “Aufzeichnungsprofile”, um die fünf Batterieprofiloptionen anzuzeigen, die von 1 bis 5 von der höchsten bis zur niedrigsten Aufzeichnungsgenauigkeit geordnet sind, und wählen Sie das Profil aus, das am besten zu der Art der Aktivität passt, die Sie durchführen.

Settings and help
What is the difference between the LITE and the PRO version?

With the LITE version, you have limited access to TraceMyTrack features. For example, you can only record 5 Tracks and only within 1250 available track points, you can not display info bubbles or can’t auto assign new photos to your track. With the PRO version, you can record as many tracks as you like and there is no limit to the number of points. Only by upgrading to PRO, you can export your track as CSV, GPX, KML (with or without images).

How do I manually copy and send the database from iTunes to TraceMyTrack Support?

Before we start you will need the following:
– the device where TraceMyTrack is installed
– internet connection
– a computer with iTunes installed
– a data transfer cable (charging cable)
1. Connect the device to iTunes -> select the device, then:
1.a. Select the “Apps” tab
1.b. Scroll down by dragging the rightmost scroll bar, until you reach “File Sharing” title
1.c. in “Apps” list select “TraceMyTrack” and from the right side, copy the folder “logs” and the file “MyTrack2.sqlite” to the computer. If you have both TraceMyTrack Pro and TraceMyTrack Lite installed on the device, then in the app list you will have two identical “TraceMyTrack” apps, and since you can’t know for sure which is the Lite version just copy the Logs and MyTrack2.sqlite from both of them on the computer.
2. Now you need to send us the files you copied to the computer (“MyTrack2.sqlite” file and the “logs” folder), via e-mail (you will probably need to compress the logs folder, before attaching it to the mail).

Can I use the app without internet connection?

TraceMyTrack can be used without internet connection, but you need to download the map from the area where you want to create the track in the Main Menu – Manage offline maps, and in the Main Menu you must enable the Use offline maps option. You will only be able to have access to the Help section when you are connected to a WiFi or to your Mobile Data.

Track display
Track line appearance

Track line

What do the colors mean?
TraceMyTrack is programmed to color your tracks/subtracks depending on your speed. As such, when the speed is 0 or up to 30km/h, the color will be dark red. When the speed is approximately 30km-60km/h, the track/subtrack will go into a lighter red hue. Between 60km-90km/h, the track/subtrack will get magenta hues. As the speed grows, the track will become purple – for the interval 90km – 120km/h – and above this speed, it will get darker hues of blue. Starting with 150km/h and up, the track/subtrack will color into an increasingly lighter blue.


Guide section

If you add guide sections to your track, they will be drawn underneath the track line with a greenish color.


Video section

If you assign a video to a track, TraceMyTrack will highlight the section of the track where the video was taken by drawing a “film strip” underneath the track line.

How can I use a track as a guide?

To apply a track as a guide onto your currently opened track, open track and then long press on the desired track and select “Use as guide”.

How to remove guides from currently opened track?

If a track has guides applied to it, you can remove them by going to main and selecting “Remove guide sections”. If the track doesn’t have any guides applied to it this option will not show up in main menu.

Point information
Where can I find an overview of all my tags?

In the Main Menu, you have the option Edit Tags, which opens a list of all your used tags on all your tracks. You can add new tags or delete existing tags by either tapping on the + icon in the left lower corner or the Edit button in the lower right corner, respectively.

How do I add an address to a point?

If you want to add an address to a point on the map, first you need to select the targeted point. Choose the Add Address icon from the row of point information icons. A full-view list of addresses will show up and you may choose the address you need to add. If you can’t find the address in the list of displayed addresses, tap on ‘Get address for this location’ at the top of the address list. The address will be displayed in the address field, within the edit point details.