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The perfect app for your journeys!

All your trips and holiday memories kept together in one place. How is this possible? See it for yourself.

Mark your favorite spots, add photos, tags, descriptions and addresses to your tracks.
Enable info bubbles on your tracks and enjoy an overview of the places you stopped in and loved the most.
Why go PRO?
  • Unlimited number of tracks and unlimited track length
  • No advertising and more space for your map
  • Export tracks and share them with friends
  • Automatically add your photos on the track
  • Preview photos, tags and description directly on the track


A user-friendly app.

EASY TO SHARE your track with your friends. Let them know where you are and ask them to join you.

A FRIENDLY AND APPEALING user interface that lets you interact with the app in the easiest possible way.

BATTERY FRIENDLY PROFILES. Tired of using apps that consume your battery in a few hours?  By using TraceMyTrack PRO power profiles, you avoid unneccessary stress.

UPLOAD PHOTOS, TAGS, DESCRIPTION AND ADDRESSES onto your track and make lifetime memories. Take a break, mark your favourite points on the tracks, then export and share your routes with the loved ones.

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Mark Your Favorite Points

Add new favorite points while still recording, or mark points as favorite on your finished tracks.

Automatically Add Photos

If this setting is on, new photos will automatically attach to the track locations where they are taken.

Add Tags and Description

Add tags to your favorite points or locations on the track and mark them with the most descriptive texts.

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Statistic Panels

Find out different kinds of information about your tracks and subtracks by toggling the available statistics panels.

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Speed Coloring

Depending on the speed, the track will color from dark red to light blue.

Export Your Tracks

Easily export your favorite tracks as TraceMyTrack, .gpx, .kml, .kmz, .csv and email them to your friends.

Share your story.

Adjust the map on the screen, the way you’d like to see it on the story card. Optionally add the start and end point addresses to your card.

TraceMyTrack Screenshot

Choose the track or point statistics you’d like to share with your friends. Let them know your speed, height or track time.

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Pick one of the six share card profiles available. Whether you upload landscape or portrait pictures, it is up to you.

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Did you set all the statistics or photos for the final story card? You are then ready to tell the world about your trip.

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