Friday, 21.07.2017 | by TheTraveler

Visiting Bologna & A Trip to Rovigo

I missed beautiful architecture and Italian ice-cream. But here I was, on a short escapade, and I loved it!

One of Italy’s most beautiful cities, Bologna is home to the oldest university in the world (University of Bologna). Its marvellous redbrick buildings and lovely wide piazzas stretch from the outskirts of the city to the city center. It was a pleasure taking long walks on the cobblestone paved streets of the old town, where gelaterias offer some of the best ice-cream variety in Europe.


I hadn’t seen so many medieval towers and antique buildings in a very long time, so I enjoyed the various monuments and the architectural beauties of Bologna. I also loved to watch people passing by, the mob getting thicker and thicker as I approached downtown. In Piazza Maggiore there was a film festival with public viewing and before I could sit myself to watch a projection of a French animated cartoon, I admired the sunset view of the Palazzo d’Accursio and its lovely tower.


This journey reminded me of Croatia, particularly Istria, the northern region. The sleepy narrow streets combined with the touristic areas blended just perfectly in my evening walk. When the dark settled in Piazza Maggiore, the film projection started and the warm summer air made the atmosphere in the city even more romantic than it already was.

I returned to my hotel around midnight, ready to continue my trip with Rovigo and Villadose, a quiet little town not too far away from Venice. I took the train and enjoyed the beautiful views of a very summery Italy. It was a relaxing trip and I enjoyed recording it on my phone, while also adding some photos to the route. Italy can be so amazing!