Thursday, 17.08.2017 | by TheTraveler

From Genoa to Civitavecchia: A Boat Trip

A holiday at sea is sometimes the best way to spend your time and money. Italy's waters are warm and welcome, and the views over the sea are incredible. Here is my little "ferry" tale to remember.

Actually, I took yacht tour of the Mediterranean and sailed across the seas towards the Strait of Bonifacio, and then further on to mainland’s Civitavecchia.  Some of the most beautiful views were to be captured in the Strait of Bonifacio, where land blended with sea and harbor life vibrated on both sides of the bay.

I spent my time on the boat with lots of other travellers, and I watched them relax and adjust to the variety of things that one can do on a cruiser. From dancing tango, to playing games or just taking a stroll on the deck in the salty air far at sea, everybody seemed pleased with the journey.

There were plenty of views to photograph and sceneries to be inspired by. Most of my favorite locations were marked on the map where land could be seen in the background. Red-brick buildings and enormous cruise ships matched the industrial air of the harbor, where life began early in the morning with a hubbub. Italy is simply magic and should be seen from as many points of view as possible, literally.