Wednesday, 30.08.2017 | by TheTraveler

From Up Close: Cloud Watching

A sunny day. A quite uneventful, ordinary flight. Yet, extraordinary views, the ones you can hardly take your eyes off.

Still summer, still warm, well, at least in some parts of this continent. I am taking a flight back to Munich and I am the lucky possessor of a window seat. Not that I haven’t seen these views before. But something about the way the clouds array today makes me take out my camera. I am a great fan of cloud watching, yet rarely do I have the opportunity to watch them from so close. I could almost touch them if I stretched my arm. In fact, this airplane is probably just crossing one right now.

For the next 2 hours, I quietly sit in my window seat 16F and let the cabin crew do their job, while I politely ignore the safety procedure presentation. I check out of the hustle and bustle of food services and I watch this cloud morph into something that looks like a giant dog with a fish tail. A giant fork and a half-merged crocodile. A tortoise that quickly fades into a formless puffy mass. What else? I will let the images speak for themselves, while I close my eyes for a bit, relaxed in the moment.