Thursday, 08.06.2017 | by TheTraveler

Bus Tour in Naples

One of the largest, most cosmopolitan and beautiful metropolises on the Mediterranean sea, Naples definitely deserves time for discovering, studying and enjoying.

Being in Naples for a short three-day journey made me choose a bus tour as the main means of transport through this beautiful city. The way the city vibrated with life impressed me to the core. This time, it was not about carefully selecting the best angles, views or cityscapes for my photography collection. It was about capturing the hybrid life that characterizes the streets of Naples.

I gradually became aware of how hard it is still for the inhabitants of the third biggest city in Italy to make ends meet, especially because of the still high level of unemployment. But though it looks as if poorer areas might be filled with an air of misery or high concern for daily survival, this is not the case. Naples is, nevertheless, a bustling metropolis and there is a comfortable air of relaxation and friendliness that might also be a result of its geographical location – the city is one of the most important European ports at the Mediterranean Sea.


Not only did city life look impressive to me, but so did the architecture, the piazzas, the parks and villas. Some of the most prominent architectural styles that reign here are the Medieval, Baroque and Renaissance. Many old buildings are left in the hands of a decaying fate, where street art and graffiti works create a different kind of city scape. Well, at least color gives life to buildings which would otherwise look sad, abandoned, lifeless.


It was nice to capture the faces of the people living in this beautiful city, the movement, the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Maybe a disadvantage in choosing a bus tour for my journey would be that I did not have enough time to take a better look at the dynamics of this place. I would have to move, always to see other places, faces and colors. And maybe that is a good thing.

With TraceMyTrack I got to record this journey and keep it as one of my favourite trips in Europe so far. I also have some nice statistics to go with the images and some really nice favourite points saved on the map. This way, I’ll know where I want to return and spend some more time, maybe even take some walking tours to take a better look at this marvellous city.